New York Shark

New York Shark

Having chomped his way through the warm climate of Sydney and caused utter havoc on the shore of Miami, the destructive shark returns to the flash world with a one-way ticket to New York.

If previous games are anything to go by, our shark will taking down aeroplanes, cutting boats in half, and spilling blood in the water as he makes his way through the city’s water on a tour of destruction.

Collecting points along the way is one of the main aims of new york shark, but the real entertainment comes from discovering the ludicrous creatures and vehicles along the way, as well as participating in a few mini-challenges to make your journey the best shark-fest yet.

As it has always been with this Mausland series of shark games, your aim is to swim a set number of miles through the New York waters, collecting points along the way by destroying pretty much anything in sight.

You will encounter boats, aeroplanes, scuba divers, giant octopi, and a huge range of ridiculous and insane creatures and characters along the way, all of which you can chomp to a fine red mist with your teeth as you wear your trademark sunglasses in a very nonchalant way.

Your main attack that will be causing all the damage is your jumping, which is achieved by simply directing the shark with the directional arrows. In order to perform a higher jump, you must swim to the bottom of the water and quickly make your way up from there, making a powerful leap out of the water and destroying anything underneath you when you crash back down again. Your bite attack is also useful for both eating people/creatures along the way and also for grappling onto any aeroplane or airborne vessel and dragging it into the water to see it explode. All of this destruction isn’t just for the fun of it; you also gain points from your kills as well. Explosions also create chain reactions, causing other boats and vehicles to explode around them and giving you a ‘chain’ bonus. If you cause a large enough chain, a fruit machine spins and awards you more points if the logos match up.

New York Shark has significantly more madness to offer than Sydney and Miami Shark. In addition to trawling through different sections of New York such as Ellis Island and Manhattan, you will encounter a variety of planes to take down out of the sky, as well as some more absurd characters such as King Kong (whose head you must bite off in a sort of mini boss-fight), Spiderman, and even Osama Bin Laden, the latter resulting in a comical news headline reporting that a shark has finally killed Osama Bin Laden. One of the final things to take down out of the sky is an asteroid, and if you do it successfully, it ends up actually blowing up the entire world and ending the game.

With more ridiculous content than ever before, as well as a significantly larger quantity of challenges and mini-games to get stuck into, New York Shark is easily one of the best shark attack games at on the web and surpasses its predecessors. Each game contains more insane and outrageous content, and also improves on the killing process, adding more humorous cultural references and supplementary activities than ever. This results in New York Shark being the finest from yet, and with more replay value than ever before.